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IEP Hauff Technik Modular Seal GKD EPDM55 (Pc)


Hauff Technik


For sealing of newly to install pipes or already installed pipes inside core drilled holes or wall sleeves. The modular structure allowes installation on all kind of pipes and diameter combinations.

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GKD400 Modular Seal Datasheet
GKD440 Modular Seal Datasheet
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Code Description Unit Price Stock Quantity
GKD400 (1410040010) RM 1,337.80 2 stock(s) left
- +
GKD440 (1410044010) RM 1,571.00 3 stock(s) left
- +
GKD500 (1410050017) RM 4,146.10 4 stock(s) left
- +

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